What is Wonder?

We’re a remote-first company and fundamentally optimistic about remote work. It gives people more flexibility, more freedom and greater access to ideas and communities. We also think that it carries the potential to be more effective, more creative and more fun than in-person work. We didn’t always think of it that way. When we founded Wonder (mid-2020), we were fans of in-person collaboration and had every intention of returning to the office as soon as COVID restrictions were lifted.

However, we have since changed our minds and fully adopted remote ways of working. Adjusting from in-person to remote is hard, and we get it. As the saying goes, “The office runs deep”; in order to succeed, teams will need to learn new ways of collaborating and to challenge the ingrained perception that only in-person teams are successful.

Wonder is about a new collaboration paradigm for a future where people can be anywhere and teams are everywhere.

The idea of Wonder

The best creative work takes place in teams that sit next to each other, all day.

There are good reasons for why companies are unwilling to give up their offices

  • You develop a sense of togetherness:
    By sitting side-by-side all day, sharing the same space, eating together, taking breaks together, you foster a sense of camaraderie among each other. You’re part of a team, you’re in this together, you have a shared mission. This sense of togetherness builds the trust and engagement that strong teams need.
  • You passively observe things around you:
    Throughout the day, you witness and overhear interactions taking place around you. You know what problems the others work on, you know where the latest project stands, you know who works well with whom, and who is good at what. This contextual knowledge is essential to collaborate effectively, because it allows you to understand the wider context of your work, to collaborate beyond the immediate team and to generate ideas that go beyond your day-to-day work.
  • You have opportunities for unscheduled interactions:
    Scheduled, planned meetings are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of interactions during the day that are not planned. You ask a quick question, debrief after a meeting, talk about personal topics over lunch or throw an idea into a conversation you overhead. These interactions are just as important as the scheduled ones for aligning, sharing knowledge and bringing up ideas.

Collaboration is hard when teams are remote.

  • You lack a sense of togetherness:
    Most of the day, team-members spend along, in front of their screen. They only interact with each other in writing, or when they have a scheduled meeting. As a result, remote teams often lack the camaraderie and close trust relationships of in-person teams. They feel isolated, less engaged and the team as a whole lacks a sense of urgency.
  • You only see a fraction of the teams work, and therefore lack critical context:
    When two people have a discussion, collaborate on a whiteboard, or have fun together, no-one else sees or hears it. Teams need to make a constant effort to keep each other updated and share context, but they always lag behind. For many remote teams, misalignment, miscommunication and siloes are the norm.
  • Few unscheduled interactions take place:
    Often, a quick comment or question on the side would be enough. Remotely, it’s either a message, or a meeting, or else it doesn’t take place. There is a high bar for spontaneous interactions, and many teams either feel like they have too many meetings, or lack the frequent touchpoints to be fully in synch.

Wonder makes remote work feel natural.

Wonder is a virtual space that brings all the teams work and interaction into a space and makes it visible

  • It creates a shared space that connects everyone to their team, the company and the shared mission.
    Wonder creates an environment that feels like home to the team and that people are emotionally connected to.
  • It makes work and social interactions visible to others who are not immediately participating.
    Wonder makes different facets of work-life visible to everyone. This allows people to get valuable context about content and other people around them. It also creates a more fun and engaging experience.
  • It makes unscheduled interactions easy for everyone:
    Wonder allows teams to interact with each other in verbal and nonverbal ways.
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Our promise is to
make Remote Work
work for you and
your team

Show, don't tell

To give you a feeling of what Wonder is really like, we're happy to show you around our workplace.