About Us

Our mission is to give the world a space where groups can meet and talk

Social spaces

Sounds simple, but it's an ambitious goal. Social spaces are at the core of our lives. We remember our desk at the office and the connections we made, we remember the hotel lobby of the last exciting conference, we remember the courtyard in College where we met our first friends. Those spaces are filled with meaning because of the shared experiences we made with others. People we met and who we talked with. We want to build those spaces online.

We believe that the way people get together online will change towards fluid togetherness

Online meetings are transactional. They are also top-down, i.e. they are owned by the organizer and leave little room for interaction between participants.

This means that the human side of getting together gets lost: spontaneous chats, random encounters or unexpected conversations. We believe that's at the core of 'Zoom fatigue' - not poor video connection or audio issues.

One person talks, everybody else has to listen

Zoom Meeting

They all watch passively and don’t get together

Wonder is a space where you can connect to others in a more spontaneous and fluid way. You move around freely between groups. It's fun, creative and energizing. We call this concept fluid togetherness, we think it's the future of how people will connect online in future and we're incredibly excited about it. The best thing is that Wonder is going to be a the core of it.

Wonder Meeting

At Wonder, we care about two things

Company values feel a bit outdated. We try to express what we care about in plain language and explain how we live by those things day-to-day. If our philosophy appeals to you, why not join our team?

We want to build a product that users love spending time with

By users, we mean people like you and I who are on Wonder to be with other people, to collaborate, share knowledge or form human connections. Wonder should make this experience a delight - meeting people made easier than ever before. Organizers are also important, but they are happy when their group interacts and their communities thrive.

What this means for hiring

We hire product lovers, people who have strong opinions about great products and what makes them great. People who rave about the newest technologies and what it can do for us. Interested in joining our team?

What this means for product development

Every developer thinks like a product owner. We're building a complex product that is lives through its. Those cannot be planned or dictated top-down, so each developer needs to bring in their own judgement about what the product feels like.

What this means for the role of design

Design plays a key role in our development process. By 'design' we don't just mean a shiny surface, but taking a systematic and thoughtful approach to user needs, to their journey before, during and after Wonder, to the information architecture of the product and to the visual language. We try to create a consistent product experience that users love.

What this means for our strategy

We optimize for end user experience. We track closely how our users interact with the product and we speak to them frequently.

We want to create a community of people who find fulfillment in focused, creative work.

We don't work hard, play hard. We see work as play. Like other forms of play (sports, music, theatre), work is hard and requires passion and dedication. Finding pride in your work, in doing something truly outstanding, is the greatest source of fulfillment you can find in life.

We believe that collaboration is the only way to build something outstanding and this is why we practice empathy and mutual understanding. We celebrate each others victories and help each other grow.

What this means for hiring

We only hire team players who are committed to creating a caring and respectful team culture. Interested in joining our team?

What this means for organizational design

We constantly try to make our organization a better place and follow research on New Work, productivity and organizational psychology.

What this means for our office

We think of our office like a second home. It's a space where we feel comfortable, where we enjoy spending time. We bring friends and pets to the office and have lots of social space.

What this means for team culture

Great collaboration only happens when you are inspired by people you work with and when you get along. We spend a lot of time onboarding new hires, explaining things and taking the time to listen. And we spend time together outside of the office.

The team culture values we cherish are: empathy, personal growth, sense of humour and ambition.

What this means for personal development

We help each other improve. We run monthly feedback sessions and clearly communicate goals and development needs. We give praise and celebrate victories together. Each one of us has a personal development budget that they can use to learn a language, and instrument or become a better communicator.

What this means for our operating mode

We think hard about how to create the right environment for collaboration and focus work. Everyone is kept up to date with what is happening in the company. We collaborate across roles and topics. At the same time, we protect focus time through no-meeting Thursdays and avoid meetings before lunch.