What is Wonder?

Virtual events are great. They’re easy to organize, fast to set up, and no one needs to leave the house (or bed, if we’re being honest). But they’ve always been missing that special something. There’s no serendipity, no flow, no chance to meet someone new.

With Wonder, we want to help people share real experiences. Creating spaces that always feel personal, no matter how many people are joining. Where it’s completely effortless to connect and interact.

Online events that leave you feeling energized

The story so far

We started around the same time everyone suddenly started videoconferencing a lot more. You know, early 2020.

Back then, we wanted to solve a simple problem – online meetings lack interaction, autonomy, and connection. Everything that makes meeting up great gets lost when 30 people are staring at a giant grid and waiting for their turn to speak.

Humans aren’t hardwired for this kind of video call. We want to move around, to mingle, to dip in and out of conversations as needed.

We designed Wonder so you can do exactly that.

What started as a prototype grew faster than we could believe. We built an incredible team and within a year we had a million users. Speaking of millions, we also raised $11 million in funding.

    We now have a worldwide community of over 3.8 million users, discovering and creating new ways to communicate. This is a space for you, and everyone you want to connect with. 


    This is the Metaverse, and Wonder is making space for connection and real relationships

    Show, don’t tell

    To give you a feeling of what Wonder is really like, we've made our internal workspace public.

    Read our handbook