Future of Virtual Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

Stephane Roux, who will be speaking alongside Streavent CEO Felix Schwencke about the future of virtual events.
Future of Virtual Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

"The pandemic accelerated a global trend towards virtual ways of working. To survive and thrive in this new reality, organisations need to reinvent the way they operate. I'm excited to speak alongside Felix at MMK about the future of working and meeting online." - Stephane Roux, CEO, Wonder

At MMK (March 8-9, 2022), Germany's largest business conference, 80+ speakers from politics, business, science, and culture will be applying the lessons they’ve learned since 2020 to plan for a better future.

One of the biggest takeaways of the past two years has been the importance of making resources accessible for everyone, wherever they are. It’s a lesson that’s yielded huge advantages: content has more reach than ever, with an exponential increase in opportunities to connect with audiences. That’s why this year's MMK conference is a hybrid event offering offline and virtual access hosted by Streavent, the leading platform for hybrid events.

As well as the speakers, those in attendance—CEOs and executives from major European multinationals, plus founders and managing directors of startups—share a renewed vision for future innovation and corporate transformation. We’ll be gathering to discuss how our changed conditions can lead the way for better solutions and ways of working.

Wonder’s CEO Stephane Roux will be joining Streavent CEO Felix Schwencke to talk about how and why virtual events have become integral to our work, and what innovative solutions the future holds for meeting online—including where we go from here, how hybrid events work, and the different what types of interactions that are better online versus in-person.If events are your jam, register for this one and get tomorrow’s biggest leads before everyone else!"

More and more large events will be held hybrid, smaller and shorter events will remain online, the advantages simply outweigh the disadvantages here. Asynchronous knowledge transfer will also become increasingly important, so we see a clear trend away from platforms for individual small events and towards digital knowledge bases and a digital community." - Felix Schwencke, CEO, Streavent