Wonder doubles down on Remote Work & rolls out Pro plan

Read up on our commitment to Wonder to remote work, new features and the roll-out of our PRO plan.

Dear friends & supporters,

The past 2.5 years have been quite a journey. You created more than 300K spaces joined by more than 5 million users to organize meetings, workshops, conferences, networking sessions, school classes, weddings, courtrooms - you name it!

And while we were very excited and grateful for how Wonder enabled users around the world to do all that throughout the pandemic, it was difficult for us to figure out where Wonder would fit in a post-pandemic world.

Eventually, it became clear that Wonder can do the most good by helping remote teams collaborate more effectively and connect more meaningfully to each other. Not being tied to a physical office has many benefits but also presents some challenges when it comes to team collaboration, engagement, and productivity. Wonder’s interface is uniquely well-positioned to change that.

Not surprisingly, Wonder's biggest fans turned out to be remote teams who turned their Wonder space into a virtual office. Excited by the opportunity to contribute to a world in which remote work is more effective and fulfilling, and so we have decided to double down and fully focus our attention, sweat, and energy on building a virtual workspace for remote teams.

Over the past months we’ve built a host of features that do just that:

  • Collaboration tools: We want to bring people and content into one shared space. Put key documents front and center with collab artifacts, drop sticky notes or comments into the space for more context, and highlight what matters with stickers. Probably the biggest leap forward for Wonder.
  • Emoji-sound reactions: In the virtual world we need new ways to communicate nonverbally that connect to us on a deeper level. Wonder’s sound reactions let you feel the pulse in the room.
  • User status: To work effectively we need to manage our working modes and be able to share them with the team. The Do-not-Disturb mode lets you be present in the space without the fear of interruption.
  • User authentication & management: Now you have full control over who is in your space and has which rights. SSO makes the signing up and login quick and secure.

New Pricing Plan

We also introduced three new pricing plans (LITE, PRO and Wonder for Events™️), which are going to be rolled out to everyone on the 14th of November 2022. More info here.

  • The free LITE plan is for users that spend less than 5h in video calls per month. This is aimed at teams who use Wonder only for specific meetings such as daily standups, team celebrations, or coffee breaks.
  • The PRO plan is for teams who use Wonder as a virtual office. It’s 9 USD per user per month and they can spend an unlimited amount of video calls per month.
  • Wonder for Events™️ is for people who organize occasional meetups, conferences, and other events. It’s a great way for people to make their first steps on Wonder and we decided to offer it for free.

This recap of the past months is the first of two announcements this week. Up next is an outlook on the upcoming features we are working on. In the meantime, go ahead and create a Wonder space on our brand-new website to check it out yourself!

All the best,

Your Wonder Team

Wonder doubles down on Remote Work & rolls out Pro plan