Wonder’s Product Roadmap for Remote Work in Q4

TL;DR: You can look forward to a Desktop App, Screen-Share 2.0 and improvements in Performance & Stability

Yesterday we talked about our journey, learnings, and commitment to building a workplace for remote teams that makes work more collaborative, engaging, and productive. Today, we look into the exciting future ahead of us.

Over the course of the next 3 months, we’re working on 3 major themes that aim to make collaboration in your team easier, faster, and more delightful.

Desktop App

Wonder is most valuable when everyone is present in the space. It gives you the feeling of being part of a team and you can easily start conversations with everyone around you. So when people forget to enter or stay in the Wonder space, you have a problem. A desktop app will solve this issue because it will allow you to 1) contact people even when they don’t have Wonder open in their browser, 2) get in touch through new ways (e.g. ringing or leaving voice messages), and 3) set your availability so that you are notified in a way that suits your current working mode. This will be the biggest new feature since collaboration tools.

Screen-Share 2.0

Wonder is all about effective collaboration and screen-share is an essential element of that. By popular demand we will 1) improve the resolution, 2) allow multiple people to share their screen simultaneously, and 3) introduce advanced collaboration features such as laser-pointing, drawing, and more.

Performance & Stability

Many of our users spend more than 8 hours a day on Wonder. A rock-solid connection and great audio/video quality without glitches are essential for a smooth working day. After having made some substantial progress already, we’re going to invest even more of our time in making the core experience on Wonder as flawless as possible.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! Let us know what you think by hitting the reply button.

All the best,

Your Wonder Team

PS: We have a brand-new website, check it out here.

Wonder’s Product Roadmap for Remote Work in Q4