Wonder for EventsTM

Events are about meeting people

A virtual space where people interact naturally - just as we know it from IRL.

A virtual Space that makes conversations fun, spontaneous, and completely natural. No more video call fatigue.

Used by more than 5 million people, and counting...

Why Wonder?

Traditional virtual event platforms are way too rigid for any meaningful interaction between your guests. Break out of the grid and let your guests enjoy each other’s company.


Wonder makes it super easy for your guests to see who is around, talk to someone or leave a conversation. The beautiful and simple design puts people into the forefront.

All type of interactions

Build an outstanding event experience by using the Broadcast to present to everyone at once, Sessions to host several stages  in parallel and Areas to introduce conversation topics and help others find people with common interests.

Access with any device

Everyone can access Wonder in the browser within seconds. No need to download or install any software. No registration required. Simply share the link and see your students flocking in.

Don’t take it from us...

Anh Nguyen, CMP

@wonderdotme is a very visual platform that can do this. It's likely the most visually representative of a cocktail party.

Dr. Louson

I've enjoyed @wonderdotme + will use it for our upcoming conference, too.

Nishit Srivastava

Me and@bhgross144 hanging out, two eggs in an egg! Cool to try @wonderdotme #HST.

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