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Wonder is doing online; but better. Our rooms give you autonomy. Choose who you talk to, and where with our unique approach to digital spaces. Interested? Join a live demo to see how you'll never look at online events the same again.


Speak to your entire audience with the broadcast. Serving as the virtual equivalent to a stage, all attention is on the speaker(s); while in broadcast mode, all group conversations are paused. Up to 6 people can join a broadcast simultaneously, making it the perfect feature not only for "welcomings" and presentations, but also for panel discussions.

Broadcasting to all
Define areas


With areas, you can give your room structure and help guests find like-minded people. You can also develop a choreography for your event by dedicating different areas to different phases of the event. Of course, you can also use areas to set up booths for exhibitors or sponsors.


Give Wonder the look and feel you imagine! The background image spans the entire interface of a guest and you are in full control of it. You can either go for an abstract association, inspiring photography, realistic illustrations, or simply a smooth color. Logos (also from sponsors) and general corporate identity elements may be incorporated as well.

Custom backgrounds
Icebreaker question

Ice-breaker question

The best way into a conversation is a quick snippet-of-info about the other person. As a host, you can set-up an ice-breaker question that every guest has to answer before entering. Go with one of our stress-tested recommendations or choose one yourself.

Some more great stuff!

  • Lock conversations
  • Send messages to everyone, to your conversation group, and privately
  • Password protection of rooms
  • Participants list locating other users in the room
  • Info-box visible by hovering over an avatar to see available information
  • Block users that violate rules

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