It is one of our founding principles to do anything necessary to protect your data and privacy rights. Thus, we take this topic very seriously. We don't collect any data that is not necessary to provide you with the best possible user experience. Also, we treat the data that we collect with the greatest care. Which data we collect and what happens with it is outlined in detail in our data processing agreement (DPAs). This is agreement is pre-filled, signed by our managing director, and therefore legally binding.*

*Our DPA fulfils the highest data and privacy security standard and therefore serves as the optimal basis for using our product. We cannot sign individual DPAs you send us.

Data Processing Agreement of our service Providers

All our service providers are fully GDPR compliant including our US-based service providers. Please refer to the sections specific to the EU-privacy shield where they outline in detail how they comply with the latest EU court rulings. Below you can find our signed DPAs with all service providers.