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What unites us is the drive to build something great and new. Working in a startup is not just about bringing ping pong tables and bringing dogs to the office, but about collaboratively producing something with focus, passion and creativity. We have the luxury of working outside of a corporate system, so we can draw on our best knowledge, use the newest technology, work with the smartest and most passionate people, in an environment that we choose, to build a product that people love.

If this excites you, then Wonder is the right place for you. Check out our open positions below or click here learn how we hire and how it feels to work at Wonder.

Open positions

We build our team based on spikes, not lack of weaknesses

To build an exceptional team, we try to find people who do things exceptionally well and develop those strengths further. In the hiring process, we ask ourselves not just whether the person can perform the tasks required to a high standard, but whether he or she can bring an exceptional spike to the team that fits into one of our core values. Some examples of exceptional spikes are people who...

  • Have an obsessive passion for their work
  • Are at the forefront of their field
  • Electrify other people around them
  • Bring a whole new level of ambition to the team
  • Are incredibly fast and effective